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About Us

Hort Enterprises today is located in five areas of central west NSW, Orange, Mudgee, Dubbo, West Wyalong and Cobar. With the fluctuations in our chosen market we have had to structure the business to be flexible to satisfy our customer base.


Today we are seen as a one-stop-shop which frees up our clients to deal with only one company - whether it’s a $500 job or a $10 million job that has to be designed, drafted, manufactured, installed and commissioned.


Amongst our services we have developed areas of specialty such as carbon pipe manufacture low and high pressure, wear resistant linings for dry and wet applications, NDT testing, welding certifications which we also do for other like companies to our hands on design drafting team.


We were the first diverse engineering company this side of the Blue Mountains to obtain our quality and WHS certification which we have had in place for 12 years and are still current.


Our communication systems allow us to talk to our customers in a virtual face to face setting, Saving time and money for our customers though travel costs, accommodation costs and most importantly down time.


Our open door policy makes it easy for our customers to drop in with little notice to see how their job is progressing first hand. If this isn’t possible with our now developed tracking system we can keep you updated on a weekly basis as to where your job is up to or more frequently if required.


If you are a potential customer that requires ongoing maintenance of pieces of equipment that also require quarterly or yearly inspections, we can set you up on our system to allow you access to current and historical reports.


This system is secure so only you (or someone you authorise) can access it. We have also set up an automatic reminder system that notifies customers well in advance that an item of equipment is nearing its inspection date.


This reminder also comes to us so we can make contact and have all the transport arrangements organised from your place of pickup. The works can then be scheduled into our work flow to minimise the time the equipment is off-site.


All of this gives our customers peace of mind that their equipment is in good working order and all legal requirements are current.