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Custom Mining Products

Hort Enterprises has partnered with Custom Mining Products as an OEM to develop, manufacture and promote an innovative range of products.


The Drill Water Capture System, The Duckbill Ejector and the Duckbill Recovery Pod are some of the exciting innovations

Drill Water Capture System (Registered Design – Patent Pending)

The Drill Water Capture System is designed to capture spent drill water, remove drill fines, and discharge captured water directly into the pump – providing a safer drier working environment.


The Drill Water Capture System has been manufactured to be attached to various types of air tracks, drill rigs, QDS bolters and handheld bolters.


The System features the following benefits…

  • Simple robust design.
  • No moving parts.
  • Keeps operator and work area drier and safer.
  • Up to 95% of water captured (recycling of captured water currently in development stage).
  • Low maintenance – no special tools required.
  • Reliable alternative to mist or dry drilling.
  • Able to handle hard/soft/muddy strata conditions.
  • Pumpable water contains fines to less than 0.5 to 1.5mm depending on screen size.
  • Drilling fines discharged on ground.
  • Designed for vertical drilling.
  • Unique design fits right or left hand drill rigs – only one common replacement part.
  • Non-reflective frosted matt finish – reduces deflecting glare from operators’ light.


The QDS Recovery Pod (Registered Design – Patent Pending)

The QDS Recovery Pod is designed as a safe and efficient means of carrying and recovering loads in an underground mine. It is designed to carry a load of 7000kg and is fitted with a hydraulically operated winch with 6000kg of pulling power to recover a load.


Recovery/loading with standard pods involves multiple steps of winching the load towards the pod, removing the winch, then scooping up or manually loading. Custom Mining Products’ QDS Recovery Pod is a combined pod and winch where the load is simply winched onto the pod in one continuous movement. The winch is reversible which allows for loads to be unloaded with control rather than simply tipping it out.


The Pod features the following…

  • Multi-purpose equipment available in 4 pallet or narrow 2 pallet option.
  • Operator friendly.
  • Reduces manual handling.
  • 50m length of 16mm Lankoforce winch rope.
  • 6000kg of pulling power (Brevini winch).
  • Reversible winch for controlled unloading.
  • Loads can be pulled onto the duckbill for transport (unlike other QDS winches).
  • Ideal for long wall moves and loading of damaged equipment.
  • Rated to carry 7000kg.
  • Tapered leading edge to assist in retrieving loads.
  • QDS, but could have RAZ system fitted.


QDS Duckbill Ejector (Registered Design – Patent Pending)

The inventive concept resides in the duckbill pod having an ejector mechanism - a perpendicular pusher plate - as well as a lifting plate secured to the tray for attaching the duckbill pod to a loader. The drive arrangement can be selectively actuated to drive the pusher plate along the tray, thereby to eject goods or materials from the duckbill pod or draw such goods into the pod.


The Duckbill Ejector features the following…

  • Multipurpose equipment available in 4 pallet or narrow 2 pallet option.
  • Operator friendly.
  • Minimises wastage.
  • Reduces manual handling.
  • Unique eject and retract functions - able to push off or retrieve loads.
  • Allows pallets to be ejected one at a time.
  • Tapered leading edge to assist in retrieving loads.
  • Fully enclosed hydraulic system - rated to carry 6000kg.
  • Variable function dual pusher plates can be operated together or individually.
  • QDS, but could have RAZ system fitted.